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In the Outlook app, I can see a paperclip indicating an attachment in the email listing, but there is no attachment visible in the email itself. I had this problem last fall and then it was fixed. However it has started again. Help!



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I sent an email to myself which had no attachment but showed the paperclip.  It drove me crazy until I figured it out and solved the problem.  It was due to my once having sent myself an email with an attachment and thereafter using the automatic generation of that email address after I typed the first letter of that email in the "To" email box.  The computer kept the memory of there being an attchment.

So rather than let the computer regenerate the address I was sending email to I typed it in all over again.

When it came in it no longer had the paperclip icon with it.  I sent myself another email just to be sure.  Once again it no longer had the paperclip icon.  So that is the solution and it isn't some bug in Outlook.  I mention that because I saw some posts thinking it was an Outlook bug but that notion is now dispelled.

In fact I saw countless posts about this issue, some even 10 years old, so I hope this now helps everyone.

Robert Rentzer (not an expert of any sort and not associated with Microsoft)

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