AOL mail account trouble

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My AOL mail account stopped synching, and I attempted to fix it by deleting the account from my outlook account and adding it back, but outlook won't let me.  I must have the AOL account.  Please help.  Thank you so much.  

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@MargieB I am having the same issue, did you ever figure out a fix to this??

I am having the same problem syncing aol to windows live mail.
Need to get a password for Outlook from, Go to then select Account Info. Sign in and select Account Security. Scroll down to find How to Sign in To AOL. this will ask for the app name. Enter Outlook and generate a password. write down to password (delete the spaces), close the AOL Account pages (in order that AOL will save the password) and use this password for your incoming server.


Thanks but it isn't the password that is the problem.  Its syncing to aol live mail so I can send email.  I can receive emails but outgoing mail gives me an error code.