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Alias account is working on my desktop computer but is not working on the webmail nor my laptop. I am using this 3rd party account to view and send email for work. The Mother account is the actual account, both the alias and the outlook account have the same password. When I attempt to login anywhere other than my desktop it gives a [long series of letters and numbers] in Outlook.


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Hi @jefftipton1979outlook,

Here are some steps you can follow to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the problem:

  1. Check Your Configuration:

    • Double-check your email configuration settings on your webmail and laptop to ensure they match the settings on your desktop where the alias is working.
  2. Clear Browser Cache:

    • If you are accessing your email through a web browser, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. Sometimes, cached data can cause login issues.
  3. Check Alias Settings:

    • Ensure that your alias is correctly configured within your account settings. It should be set up to send and receive emails.
  4. Password Reset:

    • Consider resetting your password for both your account and alias. Sometimes, password-related issues can cause login problems.
  5. Account Security:

    • Check your account for any security notifications or restrictions. Microsoft may have placed restrictions on your account if they detect unusual activity.
  6. Account Recovery:

    • If you still can't access your email alias on webmail or your laptop, you may need to go through the account recovery process. Microsoft provides options for account recovery in case you've lost access to your account.

Help with the Microsoft account recovery form - Microsoft Support

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The "Outlook_ugly" address is because you have a non-Microsoft address set as primary on your Microsoft account. Set an alias as primary and it will go away.

Microsoft has more information in this article: email account appears as "outlook_[long series of letters and numbers]" in Outlook for Windows