Add a hidden room in a list of calendar

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In my Outlook I have a list of room's calendar to see before creating a meeting the room availability.


But some rooms are hidden and I can't add them to my calendar even in by using the complete mail of the room.


Is it possible to do this please?

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Those are most likely already booked, or you simply don't have permissions to book them. Best talk to your IT folks.

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For the moment I don't want to book. I want to see the availability of the room.

So I add it to a list of room in my calendar and I want to see the calendar.

But I have an error message. "can't be update".

I join some screens.

We're back at permissions - they can be configured so that you are not even allowed to "look" at a given calendar. Again, talk to your IT folks, they should be able to give you the answer here.

@Vasil Michev 

I am an IT folks. ;)


I already check the permissions with powershell.

The permissions are in LimitedDetails by default.

The same permissions for a visible room is working. for a hidden room is not working.

But is it possible in Outlook?

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Oh, I think we're just lost in translation here. If you mean that you have toggled the -HiddenFromAddressListsEnabled parameter on said room, that's the expected behavior. 

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Ok thanks. So it's not possible to see the calendar in Outlook for a hidden room even we know the mail address of the room.

Nope, sorry. Same applies to opening a shared folder, etc. You should be able to access it in OWA though.