Access unable to send email via Outlook since upgrade to 2016

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HI all,


I am hoping someone can help.  I have developed an Access db for a small non-profit (designed in Access 2013), and as a small part of it's functionality I needed to send an email via the 'EMailDatabaseObject' macro, which was working fine.


Recently, one of our employees received a new computer with Windows 10 and Office 2016, and now this function breaks the macro, with a "Microsoft Access cannot send this e-mail message." error.


I have a hunch that this is some new bit of security set by default by Microsoft, but the only hints towards that have suggested that I need to edit the registry for a fix.  I am hoping that there is a simple workaround, and would welcome any feedback.


Thanks in advance,


Andrew Bethke

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Did this new computer come with Office 365 pre-installed?  If it did, you could be looking at the "Store Version" of the Office suite which comes installed as a Windows 10 App.  Because it has several different operating paths, this version tends to break things like macros and third party add-ins.  IF this fits your situation, the fix seems to be removing the Store version first, then installing either Click to Run or MSI versions.