Managing companies with Outlook Customer Manager
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Outlook Customer Manager (OCM) supports creation of companies and linking business contacts to a company. You can then manage relationship with the company, instead of managing separate relationship with each individuals in the company.


You can create a new company when you are editing a business contact. To edit a business contact, open the OCM pane and click on View Details.




On the Company field, type the name of the company. OCM checks if the company already exists and provide a suggestions for you. Otherwise, you can select create a new company -- to create a new one.




Recently, we added a new feature to make it even easier for you to create a company from BING. Clicking the option will search the company name from BING and when selecting the result, the new company is created with publicly availabile information such as address, website and company description. Refer to Search company from BING for more information about this feature.


SearchCompany from BING.png SearchCompany from BING2.png


 SearchCompany from BING3.PNG



Save/cancel button appears at the bottom of the contact details pane. The button allows to save the link between the contact (Alex Darrow) and the newly created company (Contoso)



  • The (Contoso) company was created as soon as you click create -- if you click cancel on the contact details view, it will not delete Contoso company record but only remove the link between Alex Darrow and Contoso

When you return to Alex's view, you will see that Alex is now linked to Contoso. Clicking on Contoso navigates you to the Contoso company view. Click + next to the contact to add more business contact. Type a name to search for an existing business contact or to create a new one.


OCM2_3_ContactWithCompany.png   OCM2_4_ContactWithCompany.png  OCM2_5_Adding Contact.png


The timeline shows communication history from all contacts linked with the company. For example, after adding Dorena to Contoso, the Contoso timeline now includes communication history with both Alex and Dorena.


You can find the list of all companies you created by going to the Outlook's add-ins view. 


Click on Companies tab to view your business contacts. Similar to Contacts view as discussed in the previous article, you can find companies which you have active engagements are automatically shown under Focused section. You can also search and filter to find the company.


In this article, we discussed how to get create new company and link the company to business contacts. You can find all the companies from the OCM add-in view, add custom fields, edit the company information and export the company list.


In the next article, I will discuss on creating and managing deals in Outlook Customer Manager.

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