What EXACTLY happens when I enable the "OneDrive Sync Button" in SP settings?

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We are using the old sync client (groove) across our organization, and want to start the process of moving to next gen sync


If I enable "Start the New Sync Client" in the "OneDrive Sync Button" in the SharePoint settings:


Will the users be prompted to actually do anything?


Will anything automatically happen (e.g. the takeover if they are on windows 10)?


Or does it wait until the user physically clicks to sync OneDrive or a SharePoint site, will it tell them to install the next client?

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Have you seen the article below?


Transition from the previous OneDrive for Business sync client


Early on when I tried clicking the Sync button in a library did not trigger the takeover so I had to manually run OneDrive.exe /takeover.  Perhaps that is fixed now.


Thanks, Bruce...



By design it does not force any behavior on the onedrive folders or sharepoint document libraries that already have Sync in place, it will only be for future sync setups.

As Bruce has mentioned above, for existing sync configurations you can migrate them after the admin change by using OneDrive.exe /takeover.

Also note that the change in the admin is not immediately processed, I have seen this process take up to 24 hours for some clients.

We are recommending to all of out clients that they use the new Sync client for many of its new features.

If "start the new client" is enabled and a user does not have the new client installed, must they install the new client, or will the old client still be used to set up the sync job if the user is unable or unwilling to install the new client?

Sorry to resurrect.. Did you get any answer to your last question?