What Counts Against OneDrive Quota?

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Something has changed in the Microsoft ecosystem within the past week or so.  I have clients calling me from different tenants letting me know they are out of OneDrive space.  Originally, I thought it was a total capacity issue but after further investigation, it looks like it is not just the files within onedrive.  It appears that the recycle bin AND every version of a file counts against the limit.

I'm seeing this across multiple tenants all at the same time this week.


Anyone in the mothership know what has changed?


Thank you.

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Odd I had a user get an e-mail as well, but it was legit almost full. Culprit was pst file that changes everytime the user opens / closes outlook and 3GB mail file manisfests over time.

Anyway, The file storage has always counted version history etc. I thought, but maybe it didn't in OneDrive and has on the SharePoint side.

I have seen other other posts complaining that their storage space even thou set to 5GB's has been showing 1GB on their storage quota instead so this might be the actual issue hitting you as the quota's seemed to lock to 1GB all the sudden for some license types.

On my E3 I'm good. Can't remember the licensees of the other post I saw but it was a lower tier license.