Very slow upload speed from cloud provider

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I need some help because the one drive for business is very slow, completely useless i would say.

The problem started from yesterday and the upload speed is not more than 3mbit. The cloud provider has done all the checks and they reply to me to contact Microsoft since from their side they don't have issues or apply any throttle to my Iaas infrastructure.
I have a 1gbit/s symmetric link on the edge router.

Most probably there is a traffic shaping policy or congestion issues because i cannot explain.
Attached you will find 2 videos with the tests that i did from 2 data centers.
One in Germany, which is working correctly and another one in Italy(basically all 3 datacenters in italy have the same issue but the video show only one).
The one in Germany has no issues and is uploading approximately at 50mbit. The one from Italy, basically seems throttled 3-4mbit which is pretty unacceptable.

Any idea? how to troubleshoot? Has Microsoft applied filters or else?

I want to point out that Google One(Ex Gdrive) is going at 200mbit/s so this is excluding the the cloud provider is applying any filter on my infrastructure or other IaaS issues.
Seems a clear network issue...


thank you

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just recieved an update from the cloud provider. They are under DDoS currently on some Datacenters so the mitigation action has throttle the speed.


Remain the fact that one drive for business upload speed cannot go beyond 50-60mbit/s whereas grdive is a rocket 200-300mbit/s


Thanks anyway.