Upload progress of large files would be nice

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If I drag a large file to a web view of either One Drive or the Files portion of an Office 365 group, the browser will only show me that a file is being uploaded, but it won't show me the status of that upload - like a percentage.  This would be helpful to guage if the upload is working, or is stuck, and how long it might take to upload the file in the first place.


Does Microsoft plan on offering some kind of indication of upload progress?



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In the new ODFB view you can see the progress of the files being uploaded in the same way you can see it in the consumer edition of OneDrive

I am not familiar with the One Drive For Business "View."  What screen is that on?

This is what I'm talking about:

ODFB Upload progress details panelODFB Upload progress details panel

When is that view rolling out then as I do not see the Progress section, all it shows is recent activity still.