unable to access OneDrive for Business

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My entire tenant is unable to access OneDrive even though all users are assigned either an E3 or M365 Premium license. OneDrive client apps no longer connect, can't attach files to chats/channels within Teams, can't access user OneDrive links in the Admin Center, and Teams meeting recordings will not upload automatically to OneDrive. Support ticket has been opened but they are stumped and my company is suffering from this.  We have troubleshooted everything!  Any help is appreciated. Thank you.



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I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with OneDrive for Business. Here are a few suggestions that might help.


1.Reset OneDrive for Business: Open the Run dialog box by hitting the Windows + R key. Enter the command: %localappdata%\\Microsoft\\OneDrive\\onedrive.exe /reset and click OK.


2.Clear Windows Credentials: Open Control Panel then search for Windows Credential. Click on Credential Manager then Windows Credential. Delete the file OneDrive Cached Credential.


3.Check User Permissions: Navigate to the SharePoint admin center >user profiles > Manage User Permissions, find the user’s profile.

Uncheck the “Create Personal Site” under ”Permissions for Everyone except external users”. Click OK and re-check this option. Wait for a few minutes and try to sign in to OneDrive in the browser.

Sign into OneDrive with a personal Microsoft account, then add the Office 365 account.

If you have installed a new sync client, try opening it from the following steps: Click Windows button; Click All apps; Select the new sync client.

If these steps don’t resolve your issue, it might be best to continue working with Microsoft Support directly as they have access to more detailed troubleshooting tools.


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I had the same problem and i finally found a solution:

We cancelled all our M365 subscriptions and went back to Office 2021 and Dropbox.