Set OneDrive for Business to use specific URL

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Hello Folks,

Im facing a challenge with OneDrive and encryption.
Basically we are setup with O365 E3 and using the Eperi O355 Cloud Gateway.
Eperi is a Microsoft Open Source Partner and their product is a En/Decryption Gateway. All Data to O365 Services are encrypted at Rest with a transparent encryption using reverse proxy’s.

In order to use the Gateway we need to point e.g. Outlook to connect to a custom URL from the Eperi Gateway which itself works as a reverse proxy connecting to the „official“ URLs from Microsoft.

So we got it all running for Outlook and looking to get it running for OneDrive.

Long Story short - is there a way e.g. registry setting so the OneDrive Client wont connect to the default Microsoft URL but my custom URL so the traffic goes through my En/Decryption Gateway ?
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