OneDrive - Personal Vault issues

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I was archiving some old documents into the personal vault. I'm not sure if the vault auto-locked meanwhile, but OneDrive created a Personal Vault - <computername> folder and now I have files spread in this folder and in the folder the Personal Vault shortcut points to. 

The problem is my OneDrive apps now is signaling a lot of sync errors and it's becoming unresponsive if I unlock the vault.

Can you please advise?

Thank you

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Contact Microsoft through the Support link under ?/Help in the app or web interface.
Access Problems:

Issue: Users may face difficulty accessing their Personal Vault.
Solution: Ensure you are signed in with the correct Microsoft account. If issues persist, try accessing Personal Vault from a different device or browser.
Authentication Errors:

Issue: Users might experience authentication problems.
Solution: Verify your account credentials, enable two-factor authentication for added security, and update your password if necessary.
Syncing Problems:

Issue: Files may not sync properly between Personal Vault and devices.
Solution: Check your internet connection, update the OneDrive application, and ensure your files adhere to Personal Vault size and type limits.
File Upload/Download Issues:

Issue: Users may encounter problems uploading or downloading files.
Solution: Confirm that the files meet OneDrive's size and format requirements. Clear cache or try an alternative browser for web access.
Security Concerns:

Issue: Users might have concerns about the security of Personal Vault.
Solution: Familiarize yourself with Microsoft's security protocols, enable two-factor authentication, and keep your device and OneDrive app updated.
Lost or Forgotten PIN:

Issue: Forgetting the Personal Vault PIN can be problematic.
Solution: Use the account recovery options provided by Microsoft to reset or recover your PIN.
OneDrive Service Outages:

Issue: OneDrive or specific features, including Personal Vault, may experience temporary outages.
Solution: Check the Microsoft Service Status page for any ongoing issues or wait for Microsoft to resolve service disruptions.