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Before I could manage notifications about the editing of some files managed from other people with I shared files.

And now? I can't find icon or menu to manage notifications on shared files.

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Can you elaborate a little bit more about what you mean by notifications in OneDrive?

I am sharing some documents with other colleague and I'd like to receive a notification from the system when someone of them edit these documents.

Some months ago I have done it for a document, now I'd like to do for others but I can't find how.

For that document I continue to receive a message with the name of the file, the author made an update, the time, the hour and the link to go to the document....


I believe Vincenzo is referring to "Alert Me" (the feature also in SharePoint). I think it used to be available  in OneDrive, but it is no longer there.


There really should be a notification system so you can watch documents and receive email alerts for changes.

Exact. Why no longer used?!!!!

Hey Vincenzo, are you referring to OneDrive for Business standalone or as part of Office 365? If O365, check out this page.

You have to turn on your Ribbons via the cog/options button in the top right. Then you can see the Files and Library ribbons, I guess it is turned off by default.

Michael Holste, sorry... The problem is about OneDrive and not SharePoint...

I didnt find it...


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Try going to the classic view of OneDrive then turning on the ribbons to get to Alert is not in the newer version.


There is no ribbon option in the newer version.

I have selected the first file on the left and then I have selected the menu FOLLOW (in Italian Segui)...

See image

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