OneDrive for Business high CPU usage with Sharepoint on-premise

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we use OneDrive for Business for synchronization with SharePoint 2013 on-premise. Since one of last Office updates the client started to consume CPU constantly. I found out that the client is still writing some .etl files into following directory that is becoming realy huge because of it.



Please don't give me recommendation to move to the classic OneDrive client since that is working only with SharePoint online product.


Does anyone have any idea how to stop the CPU drain? 


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1st: You cannot use the new sync Client to sync data from any OnePremises Version. You must sync with the old OneDrive for Business (Groove) Client.

2nd: The first onPremises SharePoint you will be able is SharePoint Server 2019 !!
3rd: The Picture showd "OneDrive for Business" and Not  OneDrive
4th: The log Files from the new Next Generation Sync Client are stored on a diffrent Location:


Hans Brender, MVP Office Servers and Services

1st - Yes, I wrote that I cannot use it.

2nd - Sharepoint server 2013 is still supported product as same as OneDrive for Business (Groove) so why do I need to wait? Microsoft should fix it's issue.

3rd - Yes thats the point. I wrote it. Whole issue is about OneDrive for Business, read more carefuly please. 

4th - I cannot use new generation sync client so I don't care about it's log location.

During the years, Microsoft only develop new feature for the latest Version or the new expected Version. (Exception: Security issues).

As I said, the Next Generation Sync Client will only work with SharePoint Server 2019.