OneDrive For Business Active - Idle Session token validity time outs settings

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Default Session validity details SharePoint and OneDrive mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 The default lifetime for the access token is 1 hour. The default max inactive time of the refresh token is 90 days. Learn more about tokens and how to configure token lifetimes To revoke the refresh token, you can reset the user's Office 365 password


Introducing Idle Session Timeout in SharePoint and OneDrive (Preview) Session timeouts for Office 365


This is all i could find on this one there is no mention of Desktop client and its token session active or idle etc..,


I need to know this and also need to know how to control or change these, We use federation with IWA (integrated Windows Authentication) for browser based authentication to O365, Infact we have set those activelogonuri and passivelognuri for Web based and Rich clients which should take care of clients like outlook and SFB Not sure how if this onedrive.exe is also included in these as i dont any authentication or token exchange anywhere while pausing and resuming the sync,


Please assist and thanks in Advance,



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