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Currently we have anonymous links never to expire for OD4B, we are looking to configure this to expire after 7 days. My question is when I make this change what happens to existing links will they not be affected or will they actually expire after 7 days from the date I make the tenant level change?





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Curious to know too :) cc @Stephen Rice

It will expire, yes. When you set the expiration policy, we check not only the expiration on the link (at the time it was created) but also how long the link has been alive vs. how long the policy is. Thanks!

Stephen Rice
OneDrive Program Manager II
Thanks Stephen so just to confirm, I am going to make the change to anonymous links on Monday 8th May to expire after 7 days, all existing anonymous links which have been live for the last 6 months they will all expire on 15th May?


Hi @Deleted,


Not quite. When you enable the anonymous link policy, all existing links will cease to work if they were created more than X days ago (where X is the policy length). Basically, when the link is used, we check when the link was created and apply the expiration policy appropriately. 


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Great thanks for confirming Stephen appreciate the help.