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We used to be able to set notifications at the folder and file level in OD4B (I could have swore anyway). I no longer see it as an option. Has this gone away?

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Yeap, at least for can still navigate to the old UI and use there

If you had to guess... why the heck would they remove this? IMO this is why users have "jumped ship" over the last few years when it comes to file sharing and collaboration. Many competitors had this type of functionality and kept building on it, making better, more intuitive, etc. MS takes one step forward and two back. It's frustrating becuase if "we" can't figure it out and answer questions, end-users certainly won't adopt and that's been my experience. There are so many roadblocks to accomplishing seemingly simple tasks, etc. that users just opt for something else that provides that.

@Stephen Rice @Stephen Rose might help here