How to see failed uploads to OneDrive (Web App) **No Sync**

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We've recently started rolling out OneDrive to our organisation and users are beginning to upload their personal drives.

Before this, we decided to test some uploads of different sizes, just to get an idea of some of the issues we might face in the future and hopefully have some answers to them in advance. 

So far one issue is standing out among them all, regardless of upload size, and that is the ability to identify which files haven't been uploaded. 


It does let us know post-upload how many files failed to upload, but doesn't identify them at all. 
For example, it will tell us that a folder has not been successfully uploaded, but not the file(s) within it. 


For context, we do not have syncing available (it's been disabled) for most users as they do not require it and the resources required to train and maintain the feature wouldn't be feasible for us.
As such, we're limited to uploading files to OneDrive to the Online web app. 

This is fine for the most part until we encounter failed uploads and cannot identify them.


Instead it highlights all the folders/subfolders on the way to the failed upload and instead of naming the file, just shows a blank file (shown above). 


I've been looking to see if there's a way around this but haven't seen anything so far. 
A PowerShell Compare script was suggested but I'm unsure if that's possible on the web browser also. 


Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.


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