How to remove downloaded files and replace them by the "links"/references

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Hi *,


especially over the time, when using OneDrive on a Notebook for example, and downloads physically files from the Cloud cause the user wanted to open or work with then, the usage of space on the drive might increase for the OneDrive folder. Now my question: 


Is there any kind of functionality or workaround to "reset" the OneDrive folder to the state right after adding the Account to OneDrive and you have just References or Links to some kind of files in the cloud?


Is this possible?


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You could just simply right click the root onedrive folder and select “free up space” and it will set everything to “online” only copies. If for whatever reason that is greyed out you can do a select all in the root. Right click and “free up space”

Thanks for the responses! So easy but very helpful. I didnt know that.