Friendly/Tiny url for guest link

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When sharing a file with OneDrive using a link or a guest link, the url provided is long and unfriendly.

I don't think OneDrive supports Tinyurl (or does it?).

Is there any plan to make that url more "friendly" for user? (yes I use the change the display name, but most user are unaware of this)



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When you use OneDrive (not for business) Shareing a document gives you a URL like this when you click the "get a link" option:!ArHPZL420shxjgzhk3zIdj_KnC0_


The same Get a link option in Onedrive gives you a full url. Maybe this is something that will chnage in the future.


You could of course use sites that convert large urls into small ones like Not sure though if that is something that is worth the effort.