Date Stamp automatically added to the File Name when copying to OneDrive

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I have recently purchased 365 Office Business subscription. Not sure what I have done during my account set-up, but when I copy a file from some other cloud storage location (e.g. ADOBE Cloud) to my new OneDrive, the current date and time gets added automatically to the end of the file name I am copying to OneDrive.  I must have set up something in my new 365 account setting, but I cannot find where that setting is located. I'd like to stop the system adding the date stamp automatically to the files' names that I am moving to OneDrive. Requesting help please. Thank you. 

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@mxzaidi There are many ways to save to OneDrive. How are you doing it? The only reference I can see to it has the source app making the filename change e.g.

@Mike Williams Thank you, Mike -- good thinking there. This happens only when using iPhone.  I tested copying from my Windows laptop to OneDrive -- no file name added. Then from the laptop, I tested copying directly from Adobe cloud to OneDrive -- no file name added. So this is happening only when copying from my iPhone (iPhone Files app) to OneDrive.  But it does not happen when I copy files from Adobe Cloud to iCloud using that same iPhone Files app. I cannot see any setting in iPhone, nor in Adobe or iCloud settings, that will add a date stamp to a file name only when copying from Adobe to OneDrive, but will not add the date stamp when copying a file from any other source drive to any other destination drive. Thanks again for helping. Max

I also have this issue. I need to mass copy files over from one OneDrive to another. Started the process on iPad Pro and every single one had the time and date at the end. They already have the original date at the beginning!!

This issue persists on iOS 17.1
OneDrive appends a timestamp to uploaded files also when using Microsoft's on iOS (both iPhone and iPad in my case).

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