Changing OneDrive Location - Pros & Cons

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As we are know after deployment of OneDrive for Business the local folder names on systems as 
"c:\users\username\OneDrive - Organization Name". 

We want to change the location of this folder from user profile folder to different location. 

What is the best way to implement pushing thru GPO by change default install location.


Secondly what are the pros and cons after changing default location to other location?


Please share your thoughts.


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Out of curiosity, why do you want to change the default location?

We are having some constraint in User profile folder. That is what we are looking for different location.

We are also looking for a solution a change of location for all users. But it seems that Microsoft does not provide for this.

I wanted to change the location of my OneDrive folder to a second SSD on my PC and after much research and headaches I believe that I figured it out.

Unfortunately, you will have to uninstall OneDrive. Uninstalling OneDrive does not necessarily delete files from your PC unless you command it so. Allowing your files to be deleted may also delete your files from OneDrive so please be mindful and delete when the task is done if you decide to delete your files.

When you reinstall OneDrive, make sure you read the screen and do not click next unconsciously. You will have an opportunity to enter the path of where you want OneDrive to reside. Once you reinstall OneDrive and sign into Microsoft 365 either a copy of your files or links to your files will be downloaded depending on the settings you choose. Therefore, you will now have a copy of your files (or links thereto) in both the new location and the old location. I hope this helps you.