Keeping .xlsm editable within browser without creating copy

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I integrate many automations in my business with Onedrive Excel. I have two accounts - one is personal and the other is business. I have a macro enabled Excel file that I'm trying to use Zapier to update a row within.


I've attached screenshots showing how the following looks within each of my accounts.


In my personal Onedrive all activex buttons show a "excel for web does not support...", but the file remains editable. This allows me to update and then open within the desktop app to have all activex button show correctly in the desktop app.


In my business Onedrive (logs in as Sharepoint), when I go to the same file it shows as viewing and if I try to select edit it forces me to create an editable copy. This editable copy does not show activex controls when opened in the desktop app.


Why the difference when they are both within Onedrive? How can I have my business onedrive function like my personal where it just blocks activex in the browser, but keeps the file editable within the browser?

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