Issues with autosaving of documents causing multiple copies of document to generated in the OD4B.

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We have a couple of applications (Critical Path Analysis planning tools) which constantly auto save.   This causes problems on OD4B, if the save has not been completed prior to the next auto save starting as it generates multiple copies in the user library.  Has anyone else came across this issue and how did you resolve it.


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Does the applicaton save to a local folder that is sync'd to OD4B?  If so is it a case where the application has completed the save to the local folder and while the Sync client is still working on uploading the file to OD4B the application saves the file again?  What happens? Does it create a file with a  new name in the local folder? Could this be replicated by creating two files with the same names in two different folders on your computer.  Then copy one file to the local folder that is sync'd to OD4B, but before the sync is finished copy the other file (with same name) to the same local folder that is sync'd to OD4B.   I am surprised you would even be able to do this. Would the problem go away if you saved directly to the OD4B library? If so, maybe a mapped drive using a program like Webdrive 2016 would allow your Application to save directly to OD4B.  You could also map a drive without a program like Webdrive, but it is not very reliable.  Note: I am a newbie with Webdrive, I just mentioned it because it has been giving me a reliable mapped drive to SharePoint Online and OD4B. I have only been using it lightly. 

Have you tried to turn off Autosave in the document?

AutoSave is disabled for OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint locations

Last updated: September 29, 2017


After opening a file saved in OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint that is synced using a sync client, you may experience that the AutoSave is incorrectly disabled or greyed out. Hovering over the AutoSave toggle, the tool tip will prompt you with the following message:

AutoSave Not Available. This file location doesn't support AutoSave. Save to OneDrive or SharePoint Online if you want to use AutoSave.

AutoSave Not Available notification

This issue impacts the Office 2016 August 2017 update, Version 1708 (Build 8431.2079) and later.


This issue is now fixed in Version 1708 (Build 8431.2094). To get the update immediately, open any Office 2016 app and choose File > Account > Update Options > Update Now.

If you are continuing to experience or have not updated yet, you can use the following workaround:

·         Open the Office app, click on File > Open and navigate to the server location (OneDrive or SharePoint).

·         Using a web browser, open the file directly from SharePoint or OneDrive where the file is stored.