Citrix ShareFiles and OneDrive for Business integration

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Did anyone manage to integrate the Citrix ShareFiles and OneDrive FB?

I need to create Azure AD SSO for Citrix FS for one company. I faced with errors in the official MS and Citrix manuals, but successfully done this.
After that, company wanted to add OneDrive FB integration into Citrix SF, since they also use it.
I added a new Connector in Citrix FS for OneDrive FB. In the process, the system requested an administrative account, so I entered administrative 365 account with GA rights.
After that, all users of the company had visible OneDrive FB in their Citrix SF, but unfortunately everyone can see only the contents of that GA admin's OneDrive...
I created a Citrix SF trial tenant and tried to reproduce the situation on my own test 365 tenant, but everything worked fine for me.
After that, I uninstalled these enterprise applications (all three, Citrix ShareFile then installs two more, Citrix Files and Citrix Collaboration). Now SSO access is preserved, but the OneDrive FB integration no longer works in my test 365 tenant, it gives a strange error: "Code: accessDenied Message: Access denied Inner error"

Citrix support could not help me, referring to the problems on the MS Azure/365 side.

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