Accidentally Synced with a SharePoint library. How to stop syncing before it finishes?

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I don't know how I initiated a sync with this library but it's happening. And it's tens of thousands of files and my computer is going crazy right now.


I'm trying to STOP SYNC in Preferences, and I get the prompt to STOP SYNCING?, but it continues to sync - as if OneDrive needs to complete the sync before it UNsyncs. 


I've tried to Pause Sync but that blocks access to Preferences. I've quit OneDrive and tried to STOP SYNC right after it logs in but it doesn't make a difference. 


MacOS 11.2.3

OneDrive 21.052.0314

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You can unlink the SharePoint library from OneDrive for Business > Preferences.
Under Preferences, go to the Account option and you will be able to find that SharePoint Library, below you will find an option to unlink, click on the same.

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