Microsoft office 365 family version with own domain

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I want to use my own domain with Microsoft 365 family

Reading this and having spoken to technical support this is only possible if I migrate my domain to GoDaddy.


Like me (and some of my friends) do not want to migrate our domain hosting to just one party that allows 365 family version to work with own domains. Microsoft is essentially forcing all non business users to migrate to GoDaddy (where I have learned that migration often goes wrong and is more expensive) Does anybody know if Microsoft is changing the product offer anytime soon? so that I can use Microsoft 365 Family with my own domain hosting provider?

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HiI @Jacob_Koster,


It's true that this will be possible only if the domain is managed by GoDaddy, there're no changes to this expected or announced in the roadmap. 

What capabilities are you using with your current domain registrar? Switching the registrar and having it managed by GoDaddy may not be as challenging as you think, if done properly it should be pretty seamless and without any impact.


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