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APP only allows exxel file to open 3 times (mobile) ... only ONE file has issue (all other excel files open infinity).


Uninstalled/reinstalled mobile excel app multiple times ... ONLY 3 openings allowed ... the 4th time POOF it comes and goes in nano second. 


Same happens through Office App and One Drive ... only one Excel has this issue ... using Microsoft 365 Suite MS TECH SUPPORT NO HELP as well Samsung Support.


A copy of file responds in like manner.


ALL was working well until sometime after phone device exchanged and restored through SmartSwitch ... Android device. The Excel file WORKBOOK STOCK HISTORY has been very productive for 18 months (loving it) between Mobile APP and Desktop.


Also have signed in and out of Microsoft and Samsung Accounts and have Linked both accounts.


Conundrum for old man. Thank you for helping me.

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