transfer email hosting to Microsoft 365 - HELP

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Hi All,
I'm new to this and need some help and recommendations.
I have an existing mail hosting with dreamhost and want to move it to Office 365

Currently i can send an email out from outlook when logged in Office 365 but i can't receive emails

What steps do i need to take?

What do i need to get from dreamhost and what do i need to add to my exchange online in Office 365


Thanks in Advance

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@Patrick Rote Receiving e-mail usually means you need to setup appropriate DNS records (specifically MX & SPF records for receiving e-mail). Have you added your domain yet in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center? As part of the domain setup, you'll be asked to configure several DNS records to allow the service to work. If you do not do this, you will be using the default tenant name (<something> which you can also use for sending and receiving e-mail, but it obviously won't be under the domain you own.


Have a look at this Microsoft document and confirm that your domain is properly setup. You can also have a look at to check if your domain name is listed there.

Thanks so much pvanberlo will give it a shot and let you know
Hi pvanberlo, Is that all i need to do? Do i need to ask my current email provider to do any transfer etc..
To be able to send or receive email, that’s all you need to do. If you want to copy your old email to your new mailbox you’ll need to do more. Assuming your old provider uses IMAP you can have a look at
Thanks pvanberlo but i have one more
When i had a look at the domain it already has a email provider and an existing configured.
Do i just add a new record or edit the existing one e.g the MX ,TXT record etc..
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You’ll need to replace any existing MX records with the one provided by Microsoft if all mail needs to go to Exchange Online. You will also need to replace any SPF/DMARC/DKIM records with the ones provided by Microsoft. In many cases you’ll only have a SPF TXT record.
Thanks pvanberlo . Will update when done