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So I'm trying to configure an outbound Spam filter Policy to prevent a user from always getting thrown in the Restricted Users bin.  The Policy I created was very standard and I want it to apply to the user in the screenshot



However once it is created it looks as if the Custom outbound Spam policy only applies to users who are recipients of the sending user in the tenant.  (internal to internal communication within the tenant)


I want this policy to apply to all outbound messages sent from (even users on other domain) not just ones sent to other users within the tenant.  Is this possible?



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Hi, @foxx109 


The way your policy is set, my understanding is that it will do what you want it to do.  Is this not what you are experiencing?


Also, does the default outbound spam policy in the Security and Compliance Center not meet your needs anyway?


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@PeterRisingthank you kindly for your response

The default outbound spam policy works fine, I was trying to configure one of these for a specific user who sent a lot of mail that was getting flagged as SPAM (that it the nature of there job) and kept getting thrown in the restricted users bin 

I'm just surprised in the second screenshot where it says 

If this message is received from: (it is highlighted) 


I thought it was say,

if this message is sent from: 


Since it is an outbound Spam Policy and I want it to apply to outgoing messages

It almost makes me think that the policy is only for internal to internal communication 


The article makes it sounds like it is for outbound messages, IDK am i missing something?




It's very misleading that it's labeled recipients I agree, but the users you place in here will be targeted by the outbound policy.   :thumbs_up:


Thanks, I felt like alittle unsure of this till talking to you, I might post something in Uservoice about it.  Take care man @PeterRising