Migrate Email Server to Office 365

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I'm looking for some advice. I'm my current setup is IMAP from Hurricane electric servers to a local server(mdameon). I currently have a mailbox that is shared through the 6 users that is relatively large. Access to this mailbox must be fast and I was wondering after migration if this mailbox will continue to run as fast as having a local server?


Additionally, we do host a website with HE, does Microsoft have a platform to host our website, or do we continue to keep everything on a another third party server?


Suggestions and advice would be great.

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My 2 cents here:

(1) Your shared mailbox is going to be in the cloud and this is something you have to take into account in regards of performance. Microsoft grants that your users should have a good performance when accessing mail hosted in Exchange Online, so this should not be a problem

(2) For hosting your website, you have Microsoft Azure platform where you can publish your website that can be configured to be publicly accessed




Regarding the shared mailbox, it will work just fine as long as your users are able to cache data from the shared mailbox. (This might be an issue in citrix/RDS for example).
Running a Shared Mailbox with lots of data in Online Mode is quite slow for many Office 365 customers, so really recommending running it in cache mode.


Hi Benon,


The best approach is always do a proof of concept with real data, you can migrate the data to Exchange Online, and is advised to test it before go to production, regarding your concerns.


If you have Office 365 ProPlus with Outlook using cache mode the experience will be fast.


If you have a firewall and proxy, please exclude the ip's and url's from analysis to have the best performance.