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We are in need of great marketing material to convince our customers that MS Teams is better, safer and provides all the benefits that Zoom provides.  Some of our feedback includes

  1. In a large group setting there will be some participants who are worried about using any system other than Zoom.
  2. Slack has a video meeting feature now, so you have meetings and collaboration spaces. Two-person Huddles are available in the free version of Slack. A paid slack account can support Huddles of up to 50 people.
  3. Some outside presenters simply don’t want to use anything but Zoom.
  4. You can establish a Zoom ongoing meeting link where a staff member doesn’t have to be present, and participants can use it whenever they want to meet. With Teams, at least one participant needs to have a Guest account in our tenant to start the meeting.
  5. The browser is more difficult to use, and participants don’t want to install the software.
  6. The meeting join experience is more cumbersome.
  7. Don’t know how to enable audio devices.
  8. Don’t realize that the hyperlink is the meeting link. Takes time to embed the entire, visible meeting link like Zoom.
  9. A plus is that Teams allows you to set up features and initial chat ahead of time.
  10. Some people have trouble with the Bookings experience.
  11. Staff and others experience what appears to be bandwidth issues, running other apps at the same time.
  12. Teams Notes and Loop seem useful, but there is some initial confusion about how the new features work. 


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the recent ability to join Teams from a Zoom client and vice versa will negate a lot of these concerns. Teams makes so much sense if your a corporate Microsoft365 non-profit. I really hope these cooperative integrations grow to include other platforms.  That said - Zoom is still easier, especially in the accessibility space, and could use some resource management improvements, but MS is moving the needle in those areas.



This might be a good resource specifically for the Teams/Zoom comparison: Compare Teams vs Zoom


We also have a few all-up resources on Teams products that might talk to some of the scenarios you mentioned:

How to use Teams

Teams Webinars and Teams Town Hall



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