Welcome to the new Nonprofit Community!
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Check out this session from the Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit for the official launch of the Nonprofit Community and learn why we're building a new community for nonprofits to connect and learn together:



I am thrilled to welcome you to the launch of the new Nonprofit Community. Debuting at the inaugural Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit on Wednesday, January 31st, we are creating a space to continue the conversations about tech and AI and community that are beginning at the summit.


We began the conversations around a nonprofit community concept with some core convening principles in mind:


  • Empower nonprofits to talk to each other, connect, and drive topics for community conversation
  • Create space for conversation between nonprofits and tech leaders
  • Include everyone in the conversation – nonprofits of all sizes, customers and non-customers, from around the world
  • Balance nonprofit voices with our own


We want to emulate these principles at the Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit and now, the Nonprofit Community is launching to extend these principles beyond a physical convening: We want to keep the conversation going!


For me, community is about belonging. I once read that even more than that sense of inclusion and belonging, community is about doing something together that makes belonging matter. What we are doing here – combining the power of technology and the power of community – matters deeply.


Nonprofits have an opportunity to lead AI transformation


Technology and community are at a critical juncture as AI emerges and expands. AI offers nonprofits an unprecedented opportunity to increase their impact across environmental challenges, skilling shortages, humanitarian action, education, arts and culture, access to health advancements, and more. AI is a transformational tool that empowers every human on the planet to create more, collaborate more, learn more. Combining the power of AI with the community that we are building here means that everyone can be included in the opportunity of AI at this key turning point. Nonprofits are the changemakers of the world: Who better to lead by example in the era of AI change that we now face?


But we know change can be intimidating – so we are here to meet these challenges together. We want nonprofits to build relationships with each other, with experts, with Microsoft, our employees, our partners. We want to learn about what the sector is going through, your unique cause-related issues and insights. We want to support you when it comes to innovation and AI. We want nonprofits like you to talk to each other – and build your own collective sense of belonging.


We know that innovation stems from nonprofit communities. If you’re embracing technology even when you’re not a technologist, a fractional CIOs, a by-chance admin, an accidental AI champion, a drive by fundraiser, we see you. We want you here. You are at the heart of this sector, and at the heart of our program.


What we are creating


We’ve created Discussion Spaces where nonprofits can connect and learn from peers – exploring AI for nonprofits, strategy, and leadership, fundraising and program management, or finding the right tech solutions. Join a discussion and share your ideas and success stories. Post your own questions to find solutions from nonprofits who have faced the same challenges.


We also want to use our Blog to share big stories, big wins, and big announcements – from our partners, nonprofit influencers, and Microsoft experts. Our blog features articles and learning content with posts from key nonprofit voices as well as Microsoft experts. Learn from each other’s successes, find learning resources, explore viewpoints from leaders across the nonprofit world –with spaces to discuss and respond to new ideas.


A key part of building community is opportunities like the Global Nonprofit Leaders Summit – virtual and in-person events that allow nonprofit leaders to learn and connect with experts and each other. Our Events calendar includes learning opportunities, demos, collaborative live events, and on-demand webinars to help your team grow.


We are also building Group Hubs—your place to find and join a group of your peers with shared interests. Find nonprofit allies who are working to address the same challenges you are—environment, arts and culture, digital equity, education, and more.


Connect. Learn. Innovate. Together.


The Microsoft Nonprofit Community is for nonprofits like you. Share ideas, ask questions, and learn together. You are invited to fill the space with your voices and ideas. Join us today.

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