What’s new in Windows Holographic, version 22H2
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Windows Holographic, version 22H2 has arrived! In this article we’ll mention our highlight of this release and all the cool new features that can be used now in HoloLens 2!  If you’re interested in full details check out our official release notes.

We continue to build new features in our HoloLens images based on your feedback. This update is packed with tons of new features that IT Admins can use in their environment. Many of these features help with the setup of devices, and several help with long term maintenance.


To get the 22H2 build now, go to -> Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update Select Check for updates. IT Admins can use Windows Update for Business (WUfB) and MDM policy to update their fleet of HoloLens. Note that you must have upgraded to Windows Holographic, version 21H1 Update before you can upgrade to Windows Holographic, version 22H2.

Feature Highlights:


New policies to speed up adding users – Setting a new user on a device isn’t that long your first time, but if you’ve got loads of devices then you can’t be certain you’ll use the same device. If that’s the case then you’ll have to set yourself up again on each new device. Using these new policies, you can skip multiple screens in the new user OOBE experience, this drastically cuts down the time of each new user on a device. To check out which screens can be skipped, read Set up users on HoloLens 2 quickly.


Captive portal on sign-in screen, enter Wi-Fi credentials to help sign-in – This feature was enabled to help new users being added to established devices, where the network credentials have changed. If enabled, you’ll be able to access a captive portal on the sign-in screen so new users can connect to the network and add themselves to a HoloLens device. This means you won’t have to find a user whose already logged on and can get into your devices more quickly.


Clean up storage via MDM – If you are looking to remotely troubleshoot a device and it needs more space for those logs, you’ll want to create then you can use newly enabled policy to do that. These use the built-in storage sense capabilities. It also helps generally free up space on the device.


Configure NTP client for W32 Time service – You may have your own time server you use and restricted network access to Microsoft’s time server. Devices that lose their sync with real time can fall out of compliance, which leads to problems. Using this policy set you can connect to your own NTP Time server, ensuring your devices stay compliant.


New policy to disable NCSI passive polling – You may want to connect to an access point that only has intranet. If you then this new policy can help avoid unnecessary switches to other access points when trying to automatically reconnect to the internet. This helps keep your devices connected to your intranet.


Security Baseline – Want to add an extra layer of security by adding policies? Not quite sure which ones to add? Check out our security baseline to see the recommendations for HoloLens. There’s a standard and advanced baseline. Feel free to select a few or mix and match policies as well.


If you find yourself in need of a quick list of new policies being added for Windows Holographic, version 22H2 check out the IT Admin Checklist.



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