Wunderlisit "TODAY" feature is missing on MS To Do!

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Hello all!


As you can see in the attached pic (TODO3), on Wunderlist I was using "Today" to see all my tasks for the day, Divided by the list they belong too.

I have tried using the "My Day" on MS To Do, but it's just not the same.

It creates ONE list and adds the list name under the task title.

In the attached file (TODO4), you can see the items I've added to "My Day" and how they appear as one list.


Am I missing something or is it on purpose?
Any plan to fix that on MS To Do???


Thank you.

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@RuthCamil Hello!


You can find your tasks for the day in the Planned list under Today section. We currently do not show the tasks segregated by lists in the Planned list section, thanks for the feedback though, we will look into it in future :)


My Day is designed to help you pull a few tasks off your backlog and focus on what you can accomplish in the day. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions.



Shashank Gandhi

PM, Microsoft To Do

@Shashank Gandhi 

Is there any plan to look into it in the near future?