To-do Outlook meeting sync

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so I have started to use Microsoft todo as our workplace uses all Microsoft suite of tools


So I’m trying to setup Microsoft todo in a way I use my personal management system we’re all events are inside my task manager


I want to be able to show meeting arranged in outlook/teams in Microsoft to do.


I know you can share todos into outlook calendar

But I want it to be the other way and show meetings in todo


So my todo is a list of my entire day not just tasks.


Moving tasks into the calendar is just cumbersome both on outlook and outlook web specially on Mac.


Just want to be able to auto sync meetings into todo as I don’t always have outlook or teams open


Is this possible


Like this




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I have created a workaround in Power Automate - its a simple two-step flow.

I created a list in To-do called @ Outlook Calendar to easily manage these once they're in To-do.

You'll need to format the Start time element to display in 24HR format for tidiness and ordering, and adjust to local time. If you modify your event in Outlook it won't sync with To-do however. 



My two expressions are as follows (I'm in New Zealand, so adjust to your timezone:

formatDateTime(convertTimeZone(triggerOutputs()?['body/start'], 'UTC', 'New Zealand Standard Time'), 'HH:mm')
convertTimeZone(triggerOutputs()?['body/start'], 'UTC', 'New Zealand Standard Time')


Hope that helps.