I would love to be able to see the tasks that were in "My Day" the previous (working) day.  It would easily allow me to identify the tasks I did the previous (working) day so that I can mention them during my morning stand-up.

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Hello Howard


With Suggestions and My Day, it's easier than ever to focus on your most important tasks each day. When you first open To-Do each day, you'll see a fresh My Day. Plan your day by adding tasks from our intelligent Suggestions or by entering new tasks directly in to My Day.   


All of the tasks entered in My Day will also be saved in your To-Do list. If you aren't able to complete all of your tasks in My Day, no worries! We'll keep track of them in your To-Do list and suggest them to you tomorrow. We'll also keep a close eye on your tasks with upcoming due dates and include them in Suggestions. 
Could you please let us know what else we can add or improve in the "My Day " work space .
Thank You 
Kiran Teja



I have tasks that repeat each day, e.g my morning planning routine.

If I mark this task as done it doesn't appear the next day and I dont get reminded.

Do I just not mark it as complete or is there a work around. 


I know its a trivial question but appreciate if you can help.