Personal List shared with Work account, stays on "Getting list ready" and cannot assign tasks.

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I'm dealing with some sharing issues of late.


I have a single license business M365 account with exchange for my personal mail and calendar. I also have a family subscription to the O365 Apps. Because I want flagged personal mails to pop up in To Do I swapped to the business To Do app from the personal one.


Obviously trying to streamline my household I ran into the sharing minefield that MSFT managed to create. 


Ended up sharing a list from my partners account to my work account but it stays on "Getting List Ready..". Even though I've thoroughly checked all related policies and settings that govern accepting these lists from outside the work space.


Another annoying thing is that I am not able to see any users in the shared list and therefore am unable to assign a task, but it also does not sync assignee if it is assigned on another account.


This is happening on a Samsung S10+. App v 2.77.350.00 build #274


Am I missing anything or have I unwittingly stumbled into a development swamp that MSFT is yet to figure out?




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