OneNote cannot do accents with international or US keyboards, nor shortcut keys to create them

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Please allow the keyboard shortcuts created in MS Word to work in OneNote (and Outlook) as well.   

Please allow the “international keyboard” (under United States language) to be utilized in OneNote.  It can’t even do accents, let alone upside down question marks, exclamation marks, "enies" and diaresis.


So far, users writing in languages other than English (yet working on an English interface) are forced to write accents and other symbols with 1990’s ASCII and Hex codes.  Teachers in World Language departments try to teach students to be digital polyglots in one seamless environment.  We won’t accomplish this if we have to switch languages and/or keyboards on our system interface every time we give classes to our students. (And the foreign language keyboard won't match the keys with their keyboards. As a teacher I might be able to handle that, but not as a student.)


All language classes work with more than one language in one document.  We need to live in a multilingual setting on OneNote.   Please make OneNote as capable as Word.  Having to copy and paste from Word into OneNote makes the extra steps asinine.  OneNote is unfriendly to polyglots and foreign language classes. 

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