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I am trying to use the Microsoft ToDo app. When I launch it, the Splash Screen flashes but the application will not open. I am able to use it on my phone just not on my laptop. I have uninstalled and re-installed the application and nothing seems to work. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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@RickRusso I'm having the same issue.  It was working fine on my laptop but not now.  I'm using IE and have cleared the browsing history and cookies.  I right-clicked on the icon and clicked reset.  I uninstalled and reinstalled.  After clicking Reset, it prompts you to choose an account to logon with.  Afterwards, the logon screen just spins.  If I start the app normally, I just see a white screen.

@gpmichal I am facing the same challenge as well. I have read through the description in the app on the Microsoft store and it reads “we have added support for windows information protection for enterprise work accounts” this could be a potential problem why we are all unable to access the app.

Raised this with our internal IT team too... Hopeful to see an alternative to login to this beautiful app back on windows..



I'm also having an issue with the app not running that started right after an update on May 21. I think this update broke things.


I get the following error: "Could not open Microsoft To Do: Oh no! It looks like we're unable to open Microsoft To Do at the moment."





Same issue here. Started about the same time and similar white screen. I've tried uninstalling, resetting, clearing log-in credentials etc. Not sure why I can't get it to work. 




Habe das gleiche Problem. Deinstallation und erneute Installation der To-Do App hilft nicht.

This issue seems to have been resolved now... I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it works fine now... Do check your side too...



I just uninstalled and re-installed and it worked! Not sure what changed, but thank you! 


Hi @RickRusso 

If the application keeps crashing, you can try uninstalling it and then install it again. A further step could be testing the application on a similar device as yours. Although, Microsoft tracks and records application crashes automatically. But you can still report errors and different situations to Microsoft and improve the application experience for yourself and other users.