Microsoft To Do: Problems with the Bell Sound

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I love this app. It's easy to use and the sound it makes when I complete a task is amazing.


My sounds have recently stopped working however and I am very disappointed. No matter how many times I turn them on and off in the preferences there is no change in the app.


Does anyone have any recommendations? The number one reason I use this app is because of the sounds it makes. I use it with an iMac (my os is Catalina) in case this can help.

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Consider yourself lucky. I am trying to find a way to permanently mute this bell sound, which seems to be an impossible task.
I’d like to eliminate the sound too.

@oliviabrownthe completion sound can be enabled and disabled in the Settings.  To access Settings, from the main (top-level) screen, select your name in the upper left corner and select Settings. Once in the Settings screen, you can enable or disable "Play completion sound".  Hope this helps.



Thanks! I wasn't even aware of the settings as the app design gave me the impression that my name only was a confirmation of me being logged into the Microsoft ecosystem without it actually being a clickable button.

@Talisphere My name isn't in the upper left, so I'm having trouble finding the settings location you mentioned. My photo and initials are in the upper right. Are you accessing settings from the app or the web? I'm accessing from the web.