Flexible Recurrence: Needed Feature

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I'm a long time user of Todoist, but once or twice a year I check in with Microsoft To Do to see if I could switch over and stop paying for Todoist. Yet for years I keep finding the same stumbling block: To Do just doesn't handle recurring events in a sophisticated way. There are many tasks where I want them to recur every X number of days after they are completed. So that, if it's a task that needs to be completed on one-week intervals, if I'm a day late completing it the due date will be a week after completion. But To Do doesn't seem able to handle this.


It also doesn't seem able to handle requests like "repeat every other Monday" or something similar. Updating these features are crucial to making To Do a complete, modern to-do list service. 

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This is so important! Under custom repeat options, due again AFTER Completion. There is no workaround.
I agree. We need "Repeat x days/weeks/months/years after completion".
This is an important feature for a modern to-do list service.