Does not Sync Reliably and Getting Worse- How to Export Lists to To Doist

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As countless others have posted on here, MS To Do has stopped syncing reliably.  We noticed this a few months back, but it is getting very bad to the point you simply can't use it.  Multiple team members are experiencing this across platforms.   There does not seem to be any discussion of a planned update to resolve it. 


This has caused a huge problem for my company's team.  Countless hours of work is lost due to failed syncs.  We were so excited to move to MS To Do and the future incorporation with Teams, but that is all pointless when the prime functionality does not work reliably. We would like to go back to To Doist.  Does anyone know how we can export our tasks by project and assignment so we can reimport all that back into To Doist?

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My company has been having this same issue with shared To-Do lists syncing to each other. I was just cleared my browser cache, logged out and back in, refreshed the page, logged in on two other browsers and my shared list is not updating.
I asked all my coworkers to send me a screenshot of the tasks they see on my shared list and every screenshot has different tasks.
To-Do is completely useless for us right now.

@LS_SSi The worst part is is doesn't alert you when it fails to sync.  The only way have found is to go offline by disconnecting from Wifi and then in the To Do settings it will tell you the date and time of the last successful sync. That might have been right away or days ago.  Once you reconnect to the internet it will just  say "Everything is synced Let's go!" even though that is not true.  I can disconnect again and  see it has not sycned and see on other platforms and other users that it has not synced.  Other times it just seems to lose your changes when it syncs.


Unless I am missing something there is no way to export your tasks and list and task owners. It would seem they are making it deliberately hard to leave.