Can you add a calendar view in Microsoft To-Do?

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It will be very effective if the calendar view is inserted. 

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I totally agree. This is a feature that would be really helpful for Microsoft To-Do. Any plans of implementing it?
Another vote for this one. I need a space to manage my to dos in between my meetings so I can see everything in one space. Can currently do this in outlook for web but needs to be native for me. This feature in both to do and outlook (native) would be amazing.
A todo list without a calendar is just a don't-do list I would love to see this feature implemented
I agree as well. I keep asking myself once in a while "Why isn't there a calendar view here"
What if instead of adding a calendar view to MS ToDo, they enable outlook to read from ToDo and add to the Outlook Calendar (Similar to the Birthday Calendar)
Yes great idea gets my vote
Does anyone know if any progress has been made on this front, or will be made at least?
This is exactly what I want this would be perfect
I know anyone can see their tasks in Outlook's calendar but currently I don't use Outlook, that would be very helpful to include this feature in the Todo App



Fantastical Calendar (for MacOS) can connect to Microsoft To Do and present tasks in calendar.

You have my vote too.
A calendar inside the app would be nice

I need this feature, because I forget to look into outlook for those scheduled tasks.

Another +1 here.


this would be super helpful for me since i use to do to keep all my due date records 

Same, I don't find a To-Do list very helpful in list form, especially if it's not split out by day, and a calendar view would be ideal!

PLIS, someone plis make this hapen! 


Todo has potential to beat google calendar and notion with this feature, just by adding a calendar view



Yes! And what if we could see it in both To Do and Outlook Calendar? Add an obvious link between the apps in the banner or side panel?
I vote for this. The calendar view best works for our minds !!
After having a stroke, my memory is not what it was before. Found MS To-Do as an essential part of my daily use. Use it to keep track of Bills Due, upcoming Appointments, car registration renewals etc. It is a MUST HAVE app for me. Adding a calendar view and print function within the app would make this an Outstanding App for greater ease of use.