To Do is now integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite of applications

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Digital clutter is an ever-increasing challenge. It’s one of the reasons why modern life feels so busy and chaotic. Microsoft To Do is committed to providing a complete task management solution that keeps people at the center. To Do helps people focus on and keep track of what matters, in work and in life. Our 3 key promises are: 1) collect tasks from different sources, 2) show urgent and important tasks, and 3) help users complete them (coming soon).


To fulfil our first promise, we’re integrating To Do with the Microsoft 365 suite of applications and making it available in key user workflows. Following up on the full Outlook/To Do integration, Tasks in Teams is rolling out today and will continue through Septermber. With this launch, To Do is now available in Microsoft Teams .

To Do is already integrated with Planner - tasks assigned to you in Planner boards show up in the “Assigned to you” list. To Do is also available in Microsoft Launcher and any task added via Cortana gets added to To Do. By Q121, we will support @mentions in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, which means that whenever someone @mentions you, the tasks you’re mentioned in will automatically appear in your “Assigned to you” smart list. We’re also working on adding your reading lists from Edge as tasks. More integrations are on the way to make To Do the place for all your tasks.



View your tasks and shared plans across Microsoft To Do and Planner with the Tasks app in Microsoft Teams.View your tasks and shared plans across Microsoft To Do and Planner with the Tasks app in Microsoft Teams.

To Do is much more than a to-do list organizer. It’s an intelligent fabric that collects and connects tasks across the Microsoft 365 suite of applications. For example, the Insights add-in program for Outlook extracts important commitments or follow-ups from your Outlook  messages and, with a click, adds them to To Do. In addition, the My Day smart list has task suggestions collected from across Microsoft 365 to help you prioritize and complete important tasks for your day. Moreover, you can also share lists with coworkers to get more done together. You can easily switch to your personal account and organize your tasks outside of work.


To Do integration with Outlook is already live on Outlook WebTo Do integration with Outlook is already live on Outlook Web


To Do is built on the Microsoft Exchange platform, and it meets all security and privacy standards by design like your Outlook inbox. Organization admins can easily grant or remove access to To Do for their employees. We imagine a future where all your tasks in Microsoft 365 apps are collected automatically in To Do so you can focus on what matters and save time every day.




To Do complies with information governance and eDiscovery features of Office 365


We’ll post updates just like this on the Tech Community blog to let you know about new features that you can try  in To Do. Check back here for regular posts and check out our Release Notes for more information about updates and fixes. In the meantime, we want to hear from you! Tell us what you think about the Teams integration and let us know what you’re looking forward to next via UserVoice or write to us (

New Contributor

When will Tasks be available in our tenant?

New Contributor

If you have an exchange on-premise and To-Do license enabled in O365, where are the ToDoTaskLists and ToDoTasks stored? Are they in my Outlook? if so, where specifically? How does it sync with Planner?


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@absri I have not yet seen this integration in Teams. Is there something I've missed? I'd really like to be able to use these features.

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where is the "my day" function???

Regular Visitor

These days people from different organizations work together. We share tasks and do many other operations together. So there must be possible to share lists and to-dos with read/write to guests/.

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