May Lookback—Planner and Flagged email on personal accounts
Published Jun 14 2019 01:03 PM 11.1K Views

Updated 19 June 2019: The Mac app is now available


Last month we concentrated on bringing your tasks from Planner to email to get us closer to our mission of showing all your tasks in one easy-to-access place. But it wasn’t all about integrations - read on to see what else we launched in May.  


See your Planner tasks in To-Do 

Planner tasks will show in your Assigned to Me listPlanner tasks will show in your Assigned to Me listThis was our most popular update this month, and rightly so. Bringing together both your tasks and the Planner tasks that are assigned to you gives you one holistic view of everything you need to do today. If you haven’t tried it out yet, read more about this great feature here. 



Check off your email tasks Flag your email and see it in To-DoFlag your email and see it in To-Do

Talking of having one view for all your tasks, this month we also brought our Flagged email list to your personal Microsoft-hosted accounts (Hotmail, Outlook, and You can flag your email and it will now show up in your Flagged email list in To-Do. You can add it to My Day so you’ll always remember to reply to itIf you haven’t set it up yet, read our blog to find out more. 


Add attachments to shared lists 

Does your shopping partner never buy the right stuff from the grocery store? You can now add file attachments or photos to shared lists to let them know exactly which type of pasta or brand of laundry detergent you’d like.  


See your lists in landscape view on Android 

While the last three were big updates, we also like to focus on the little details that make the experience better for you. This month we brought landscape view to Android, so if you want to see more detail on the go you can just flip your phone sideways.  



Looking forward to the Mac app 

We want to take a moment in this lookback to look forward. Many of you have been requesting a Mac app, and you’ll be very pleased to hear that it’s just around the corner. EDIT: It's now available, head here to download it.  


We love to hear from you 

Many of you have been writing or creating videos on To-Do this month—we always love being talked about, particularly when it’s positive. Want to see what everyone’s saying? Here is a round-up from this month. Want your article to be included? Link to it in the comments.


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