Following swiftly on from flagged email and Cortana, we’re bringing you one step closer to a centralized task management experience with new connectivity between Microsoft Planner and To-Do. Many of you have been asking, and we listened. Starting today, tasks assigned in Planner will now show up in To-Do. 


If you’re already using Planner then you’ll know that it’s a great way for your team to create more visualized plan boards, assign tasks, and collaborate to get everything done on time. To-Do, meanwhile, is a simple tool that helps you to accomplish what you need to do today—from shared lists to smaller daily recurring tasks. Together, To-Do and Planner simplify work management by giving you the flexibility to use the best tool for the situation—all without manually syncing individual tasks. 


Visualize all your tasks in one place  

Have a busy day with many projects on the go, an inbox that definitely isn’t at Inbox Zero, and a bunch of daily tasks? We’re here for you. Instead of constantly switching contexts to keep up with what you must do next, turn on the Planner integration (and the Flagged email integration, for that matter) and you’ll see all your project tasks fitting neatly in with the rest of your tasks in To-Do 

Planner tasks that have been assigned to you will show up in a special Assigned to Me list. Want to work on one of these tasks today? You can add it to My Day, along with tasks from other lists in To-Dogiving you a complete overview of what you’ll be ticking off today. And if you want to get more context or see the comments and file attachmentsyou can go into your detailed view and select “Open in Planner” to see all the finer details. If the task is a bit overwhelming, you can break it down into smaller steps in To-Do and it’ll also sync to Planner’s Checklist.  Planner copy.pngAdd your Planner tasks to My DayGet a view of everything you need to accomplish  

You won’t just find your tasks in the Assigned to Me list—if you have a due date set then they’ll also show up in your Planned list. This means that you get a view of everything coming up today, tomorrow, or for the rest of the week. If the due dates don’t fit in with your work schedule, then you can change them, and it'll also sync back to Planner. And if you’re a firm fan of My Day then you’ll also find them popping up in Suggestions. 


Get Started 


enable.pngEnable the integration in To-DoWe know, we know, you probably can’t wait to get started. If you have tasks assigned to you in Planner, then next time you open To-Do you’ll see an alert asking you if you want to “Track tasks assigned to you in Planner”. Hit Show List and your Assigned to Me list will appear, and your tasks will start to sync. Check here for more options to enable Planner in To-Do. If you’re not familiar with Planner yet, then please note that you will need a license to use the product. 

That’s it from us, now it’s over to you. Tell us what you think of the Planner integration in the comments below or over on Twitter or Facebook. We want to hear your feedback.  

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Great feature :)


This is great but to me seems backwards. I use ToDo to quickly jot tasks and Planner to organize them. Is there a way to see unplanned To Do tasks in Planner?


I was waiting for this feature to release for more than 1 year. After the Ignite 2018 was finished, I was checking my mobile App almost everyday to check if this feature is released.

Finally it got released :smileyhappy:

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Finally! Thanks :-)
Which version do I need to enable the feature?

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Still need a way that I can view all my ToDos and all my planner tasks all on the same screen. The current implementation requires me to click between different tabs/options to see all my things. I want a one-stop-shop where I can see everything on one screen.  Things with dates, without dates, with categories, without categories, etc.

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Excellent! You don't know how much this helps. Keep making improvements...we appreciate them. 

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While this is great, can we add further functionality to the planner integration to allow lists to be created from each planner board as an option? I have many many small projects on the go at any given time and having my 100's of tasks (most of which aren't urgent) show up in the list is a pain. I like to have each project separate.

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You should put your ideas here https://todo.uservoice.com/ or https://planner.uservoice.com/forums/330525-microsoft-planner-feedback-forum so it won't be wasted here in comments. You can also provide links for the ideas you have created or voted on here, so anyone reading this blog could add votes too ;)

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Excellent work!
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Nice idea, but it does not work. I tried it, and yes, I am using one and the same accounts in both tools and yes, I assigned tasks to me and yes, I logged out an in several times in both tools and there was still no synchronisation afterwards. And no, I will not open up a ticket, since I know from experience that I will end up somewhere in the hell of the 1st Level support. 

Guys, please get it up and working, but do not ask me to open a ticket and to deal with overwhelmed 1 Level support guys somewhere located in India who have no clue what I am talking about.

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Do you see it in the settings of To-do app?


In Settings, scroll down to the Connections section and use the toggle to turn Assigned to me or Tasks from Planner either On or Off.


@Joachim Schirra That's strange. If you get in touch with us via the To-Do app (Settings>Support>Contact Us) you'll actually get straight to our engineers in the To-Do team. This is the best way to get support, as we can take a closer look at the app telemetry too.