Hey Cortana... introducing our latest Microsoft To-Do integration

Capturing your tasks and reminders just got a whole lot easier. Now, you can capture your tasks with a quick “Hey Cortana.” Better yet, your tasks are centralized across Cortana, Outlook Tasks, and Microsoft To-Do – and syncs across all your devices. Read on to see what you can accomplish with Cortana‘s help. Get started using Microsoft To-Do with Cortana.



Plan your day

With the integration of Microsoft To-Do and Cortana, you can easily get more out of your day. Just ask Cortana to simply remind you to work on that presentation at noon – she’ll add it to your tasks in Microsoft To-Do, and notify you as soon as the clock hits 12. Open the Planned list or Tasks list in Microsoft To-Do to find your reminders from across Cortana and Microsoft To-Do.




Go shopping with Microsoft To-Do and Cortana

As you search for new recipes or plan a grocery run, just ask Cortana to add the ingredients to your Grocery list. When you are out and about, you can get a quick run-down of your needed ingredients by opening your Grocery list in Microsoft To-Do.

Try it out and let us know your thoughts. Find us on Facebook or Twitter and give us your feedback, or tell us what features you’d like to see in the future.


Please note: The Cortana/To-Do integration is only available in English and in the following regions: Australia, India, US, and UK. If you want to access from a different region, change your language and region settings.

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It seems that Cortana is not taking off (hint the split from Search as corporations probably will be more willing to use just search without the fancy gimmick). This integration is nice, but maybe the focus should be on things more important to business/pro users (who reads these blogs), tighter integration with Outlook tasks and compatibility between tasks ant to-dos (real and full compatibility).

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Smacks of another half-assed effort on the part of Microsoft which might go down the same path as Windows 10 Mobile. Not enough commitment and effort behind a proper implementation, leading to user discontent and disappointment. Pick your battles well and stick to them.
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Just showed up for me....and I really like it a lot!!! The fact that that you are consolidating the task/list repositories and making To-Do the place for it, is excellent. I know that Cortana has gotten a lot of bad press and maybe it'll never be like the Alexa/Google assistants in terms of ubiquity - but I hope Microsoft continues investing and refining it because it has a lot of potential in the enterprise space, especially around M365. 

Voice interaction may be called a gimmick today but its rapidly maturing. One day we'll look back at how unnatural is was to use keyboards to interact with your computers. 

I hope the product team prioritizes the Cortana mobile scenario and management within the enterprise next.

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I've been waiting for this feature and it set up easily and worked great the first time I tried it today. Nice!

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This is really exciting news! But I've got a question about it. I've got Cortana on Windows 10 and on my Harman-Kardon Invoke. Love it in both places. I'm using a Lumia 950 with Windows 10 Mobile (yeah, I know, just can't afford to replace it yet). I put in a task some years ago to always wake me up at 5:30 AM each weekday. I guess it's through this integration between Microsoft To-Do, Cortana and Outlook Tasks, that now Cortana on my Invoke wakes up anyone whose in the same room as she is. That's OK, most days. But some days I can wake up at 6 AM, or take a day off. Cortana still reminds whoever at 5:30 AM, even though on my phone I've disabled that alarm. At this point, its a nuisance. I'd like it if I could control whether or not a reminder is active on one of these devices or not. Can that be added, please, Keturah?

Hi @Oleg K we are working to improve our Outlook integration now. How do you envision full compatibility? 

Hi @Rod Falanga a non-negotiable 5:30am wake-up does sound a bit unpleasant, especially on your days off. Would you be able to send feedback from directly within your Cortana app? Then the team would be able to take a closer look at this. Thanks!

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There was a comment on another blog post or in the forums that recurrent tasks get broken when imported to to-do or some similar issue.

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A question about this feature...previously Cortana stored it's own lists and of course To-Do has it's own. With this integration, is it now just one data store for both in To-Do?

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OK, @Keturah Cummings, I've done as you've asked. :)