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MyAnalytics is becoming a part of most Office 365 and Microsoft 365 plans, where previously it's was only included in E5 and as a standalone plan.


This was announced at the beginning of the year - MyAnalytics, the fitness tracker for work, is now more broadly available and there have been updates via the Message center.


"Beginning mid-March, 2019, MyAnalytics licenses will be assigned and activated; however, users will not be able to see any MyAnalytics functionality."


Insights by MyAnalytics is the Outlook add-in, that provides this functionality and will be available for customers with Microsoft 365 E5, E3, Business, Office 365 E5, E3, E1, Business Premium and Business Essentials licenses.


"Did you ever miss an important email or forget a commitment you made to your co-workers? Do meetings and emails tend to take over your calendar? Do you ever wish to see reminders for 1:1 meetings with your manager, direct reports, or other top collaborators? Would you like to be notified if an upcoming meeting doesn't have a quorum?


If your answer to any of these questions is yes, the Outlook add-in provides actionable insights to help you stay on top of your tasks and get more done."




The latest timeline has an admin control to Disable Insights by MyAnalytics add-in at the tenant level from the Exchange Admin Center, starting April 15th with the add-in functionality rolling out on May 15th.


Worth noting Insights by MyAnalytics is not the same as what comes with the E5 plans or the standalone plan, as it doesn't come with access to the Dashboard, Email digest or MyAnalytics nudges.  This may change over time, with more functionality made available.


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The MyAnalytics team reached out to me to explain the changes with the rollout plans, that I have listed above:


Based on requests from multiple customers, we are delaying the rollout of MyAnalytics to 15-May-2019. We plan to provide an easier way for administrators to manage the Outlook Add-in for the whole organization from Exchange Admin Center on 15-Apr-2019.”


I think its good idea, giving extra time to prepare for this change and the controls to easily disable the MyAnalytics add-in, for those that need it.